Great Financing is Available

Low monthly costs, including maintenance and taxes, make owning a home at Teaneck gardens more affordable than renting!

Own a beautifully renovated home for less than you pay in rent? Teaneck Gardens offers buyers the potential to own their home and be part of a thriving community at an incomparable value. See our sample cost analysis below. For specific information on our residences, financing, monthly costs and more, please contact our sales team at 201.833.2498.

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1 Bedroom
Monthly Payment Breakdown
2 Bedrooms
Monthly Payment Breakdown

... Purchase Price


... 10% Down Payment


... Loan Terms

30-year fixed at 4.625%
30-year fixed at 4.625%

... Co-op Loan Payment


... Maintenance (Includes Real Estate Taxes)


... Mortgage Insurance


... Gross Monthly Cost


The interest portion of co-op loan payments and a portion of the maintenance is tax deductible. Speak to your accountant about tax implications of purchasing in your case.